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Amateuramber this clip includes: sweet and helpful sister sees you studying for an anatomy test tomorrow, notices you're stressed out, wants to help out, realizes you've never seen a woman's body before, uses her body to help you study for your anatomy test, big tits, tit groping, spreading pussy lips, instructional, masturbation, seduction, virtual sex, missionary**Hey, what are you doing? Studying? Need some help? Hm...anatomy, huh?Well, this should be easy - you shouldn't be worried. Oh come on, what's that face for? This is super easy's anatomy - it's natural. See? You're not gonna have any problem, you're gonna ace that test tomorrow.Wait - are you nervous because you don't know what a female body looks like? Oh, don't be embarrassed. It's-it's not that big of a deal. You know, I can-I can SHOW you. Will that make it easier? Yeah?Nobody's home, so it's just between you and me. Let's start with the top - women have boobs. Oh, don't be shy, I see your face getting red. What's there to be embarrassed about? Everyone has nipples - you have nipples. Ha ha ha, purple nurple.Have you ever touched a boob before? Here - come on, touch it. How are you going to know if you don't touch it? Alright, well...we've done the top, so let's do the bottom. The main difference between females and males is the genitalia, right? And you obviously know what a male has. A woman has, well...let me just show you.I think you're gonna get an A on your anatomy test...I can almost guarantee it

Real name: Amber Scott
Age: 21
Birth Date: April 18, 1996
From: Female
Gender: couple

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