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Amirahearts staring Hayliexo and Courtney ScottOur cousins are here for a sleepover and once our parents go to bed Courtney decides it's time to bring up our little game of truth or dare. After a few mild truths the girls are dared to show us their boobs. Courtney and I have played this game before but Haylie is reluctant, her and Shawn have never done anything like this. Courtney dares Haylie to fondle her boobs. Watching my sister and cousin fondle each other is like a dream come true, I look over at my cousin Shawn and he is down with it too. He Double dares the girls to suck our dicks, and they do! I always knew my little cousin was a slut I love watching her suck her brothers dick. I really want to see my cousins fuck so I dare them to do it. Courtney immediately drops her shorts and assumes the doggystyle position, Haylie follows suit and we all start fucking. Courtney dares the boys to fill their pussies up with cum and we gladly do so.If you are a fan of Truth or Dare then you will LOVE this hot continuation.Go to to see all her vids.

Real name: amy
Age: 20
Birth Date: Feb. 8, 1997
From: Female
Gender: couple

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