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Dungeoncobra video: tHIS IS A CUSTOM CLIP, PLEASE EMAIL ME DIRECTLY IF YOU WOULD LIKE YOUR OWN CUSTOM VIDEO (Find email at the top of the page)The plot is that your son has misbehaved for the final time and you need to punish him accordingly. The camera starts off first person looking up at you as you toy with your son. After some consideration you decide you are going to eat him. You have eaten plenty of little boys before but you never thought You'd have to eat your own son. You stare and stare very bluntly I'm going to eat you. Multiple times letting it sink in. You don't know if you want to swallow him whole or turn him into a food, but you settle on food. (The food choice is important because you need to take huge bites, like as big as possible and stuff the food to the back of your throat before chewing. So large meatballs, shrimps, mini hot dogs, or any bite sized meat that you can eat without a fork.) you can chew with your mouth closed. After he's turned into food you lick him and tease him as you become visibly more evil. You describe how he's going to be nothing but your waste. You take massive bites, the final one is important as you wrap your lips around the last massive bite of your son, pushing him with your finger deep into your mouth. The last part is just you rubbing your bloated belly. If you could show your belly from below that'd be awesome, burping, and show your ass, saying that's where he will be sliding out of

Real name:
Age: 21
Birth Date: Jan. 17, 1996
From: Female
Gender: male

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