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Kirsten_xxx video: your idea was to bring fantasy to reality. You have been playing a lot of role playing games lately, and all you really wanted was an Amazonian woman... all to yourself. She would be so confused, so scared in a new world, that she would run to you and be your sex slave. Anyway, that was your hope.When you were given information about how to do this, you got right into it. The woman who stood before you though was not scared of being in the future - she was very aware of what your intentions were, and she calls you out immediately. You should be scared. In her time, the women are not sex slaves - they are not fantasies. Men are scared of them. These women - in their own time - are true Amazons, tall and strong women who don't take crap.Not only that, but you learn very quickly that this one has the power to shrink men. She gets you down in size, and after your pleas... you shrinks you again, expecting you to turn into a dust bunny. However, you weren't a shrimp to begin with, and now she teases you as a little bug.Oh, you wanted to see her naked alright, but at this height... the massive hard-on that she has created is absolutely confusing you

Real name: Kirsten
Age: 21
Birth Date: April 4, 1996
From: Female
Gender: girl

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