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Kkandcc video: memoirs of A Taboo Daughter:Day one. (Kind of.)So this is going to be totally out of order but hey welcome to my whole life. I'm Camille Black, nothing in my life makes sense. I fuck my dad, brother, grandpa, uncle, sisters, mom, my whole damn family, I married my brother Loki and basically, everything in my life is a total clusterfuck!So basically one day long after I figured out that my dad is actually a porn producer I wanted to follow in the family footsteps. I mean I don't really have any other marketable skills. I am covered in tattoos, I have been too stupid all girls rehab and boarding schools like 100 times thanks to my dad and sisters who keep putting me there for no darn reasons and I need to make money somehow! Plus I do have a pretty dirty mind! I didn't want to come out and tell my dad I wanted to follow in his footsteps though at first. I just wanted him to think I was going to take up some kind of hobbies like photography or some jazz. Ever since I got back from rehab this last time though getting money out of my dad has been really really tough so I had to really use some bartering skills on him. I figured I would put my mouth where his money is and suck the cash right out of him. When that wasn't enough I had to resort to desperate pleasures and fuck it right out of him. No worries though he accidently creampied me and I knew that meant I was going to be getting just what I needed for my new hobby. Especially when I wrapped my legs around his neck pulling his cock and his cum deeper into me to show how excited I knew I was for my new camera! I am so so bad

Real name: Zamir&Andrea
Age: 20
Birth Date: Aug. 15, 1996
From: Couple
Gender: couple

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