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Lust_sex video: i walk into the room wearing a purple blouse with lots of cleavage and a red bra on show, a short black pencil skirt, red panties and black stiletto pumps. Good morning, my name is Miss King and I will be teaching the class Self Defence 101 today.” We go through the vulnerable body parts, then I show the class how to defend yourself in a couple of different scenarios. If someone has you by the throat, I show you how to push their arms down, jab them in the eyes, knee them in the balls and then elbow the back of their neck while they’re doubled over. I laugh as I bust balls and I make it clear that I enjoy it. I use you (the camera) as a volunteer and I show you how I would do it. You seem scared that I’ll really knee you in the balls, but I don’t.The next scenario I use is if someone has you in a bear hug from behind. I show you how to stomp on their foot and then step to the side and squeeze/twist/pull their testicles. Then I tell you a situation in which I had to defend myself from an attacker while I was out jogging. At the end of the class, everyone seems happy except you. So I come over and squat down in front of you, showing lots of upskirt and downblouse. Hey, how's it going? You looked a little shaken up there. Was my story a little scary for you? You had a lot of balls getting up in front of the class like that. Don’t worry about my attacker he was fine. If you ever need to talk or some more lessons, come and see me OK? Good.

Real name:
Age: 20
Birth Date: May 10, 1997
From: Couple
Gender: girl

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