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Morenablack i've been a naughty girl and went in Daddy's room when he was gone and found this strange glass object. After making Daddy promise not to get mad I show him the blue glass dildo I found in his room. Daddy tells me it's meant to go inside me and it'll make me feel good, the way he makes me feel. I shyly strip down from my unicorn onesie to my pink panties and beg daddy to pleasure me. I trust daddy though and want to try the new glass object so I take my panties off and lay on my back to use the object. I slowly insert the glass dildo into my wet, swollen, pink pussy and begin to pull it in and out, faster and faster. It feels so good and soon I'm begging Daddy to cum. He won't let me though and I have to slap my inner thighs several times before begging to finish some more. Finally Daddy allows me to cum and I orgasm so hard the pussy drips down my ass. I don't want to but Daddy makes me lick the dildo clean afterwards. I love making Daddy happy and just want to see him smile.

Real name: �Morena Black�
Age: 22
Birth Date: April 10, 1995
From: Trans
Gender: girl

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