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Muscle_bastian video: custom Vid- No Name used- (Contiuation Of Swearing Off Foreskin For Lent) You finally decided to get circumcised for your mother after she sent a family newletter to all your cousins, aunts, and siblings about your nasty foreskin that you had had all of your life!!!! You finally decided to go in and get it cut off!!! Your mother is so excited! You were staying away for the operation and while you healed, but now is the day! It has finally come to show off your newly circumcised cock for your mother. Your mom even dresses up in her sexiest lingerie, g-string, fishnet thigh highs, and hot heels to get your really hard and worked show up and you are drooling at how hot mommy looks. Your pants are beginning to grow a huge lump. She goes on and on about how excited she is to see how much the doctor cut and to see the scar. She also tells you she sent out another follow up newsletter to everyone saying that you finally went and had it snipped off!!!! You can only keep your mom asking questions so long....the more she shows off her hot lingerie, the harder and harder your manhood gets...but deep down you know your are going to piss her off.....AGAIN!!!!!!!!!...She keeps teasing and teasing....finally asking.....WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR????? WHY ARE YOU STALLING......????? I've waited this long...LET ME SEE YOUR BRAND NEW CIRCUMCISED COCK!!! MOMMY WANTS TO SEE IT!!!!!!! TAKE IT OUT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Did you actually do it???? OMG Don't tell me you didn't go through with it .....AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!- ENOY!

Real name: Bastian, Andrew and Jacobo
Age: 24
Birth Date: July 8, 1993
From: Male
Gender: girl

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