Per1927 live record

Per1927 record in the first three-minute scene, I’m lying on my stomach on my bed wearing just a black thong, with my feet in the air and writing in my diary. There is a voiceover saying what I’m writing. Dear diary, I finally found a great guy. The only problem is, he doesn’t want a baby. But I want one right now, in fact I need one. I know if I had one he’d stay and he’d be a good father, but I can’t trick him, it needs to be his decision. I’m going to be ovulating in 3 days and I’m going to try and tempt him into having sex without a condom. I’m so excited! In fact, I’m getting wet just thinking about it.” I put my diary down, turn over, take my thong off and start masturbating. It fades to black and the screen reads “3 days later”.I walk into the room wearing sexy black and red lingerie. “Do you like my outfit? I’ve been so horny for you all day, I need you to fuck me! Oh wow, look how hard you are already! Forget foreplay, let’s fuck!” I grab a condom, and tell you that it’s the last one. When I’m getting it out of the wrapper, I ‘accidentally’ break it. I show it to you, all broken and useless. “But I need to fuck you, I’m so horny! I know it would be risky, but I’m just too horny to care. Really?! Not even once?! Come on! Would it change your mind if I told you that you can cum anywhere you like? Even my face like you’ve always wanted? No? Fine! I’ll just have to take care of myself then.”I take my clothes off, lie back and start masturbating, moaning with pleasure, saying how badly I need your dick. After a couple of minutes, you change your mind. Really, you want to fuck me now? Even without the condom? Oh good, I need it!” I climb on top of you, delighted that you want to fuck. After a few minutes of riding and moaning, I can feel you getting close. Don't forget to tell me where you want to cum so I can get into position. You can cum anywhere, even inside my pussy. Oh my, I just felt your cock twitch when I said you could cum in my pussy! I think you want to cum inside me! But before you do, you should know that I'm ovulating right now, so I could easily get pregnant. Oh my God, you're saying no, but your cock is throbbing like crazy! I feel it pushing against my cervix. Fill me with your seed. Pump it deep into my womb and get me pregnant. I'm going to have your baby! You're impregnating me!” When you’ve finished pumping your cum inside me, I come close to you. “I already know that you just got me pregnant, and it's OK. I'm OK with it. I love you.”In the final two-minute scene, I’m 8 months pregnant (wearing my silicone fake pregnancy belly), lying on my bed, writing in my diary again. There’s a voiceover saying what I’m writing. “Dear diary. I have everything I have ever wanted. I'm 8 months pregnant, and as I thought would happen, I'm now engaged. Even better, it turns out my guy is super attracted to my pregnant body. He fucks me almost every day. He says no, but I'm certain that it will be easy to get him to have a second baby soon

Real name:
Age: 36
Birth Date: Feb. 22, 1981
From: Male
Gender: male

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