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Sexyunikitties video: featuring Mallory SierraLaz knows his sister has been up to no good. He suspects she's been escorting, and some investigation confirms his suspicions. One night he waits up for her, and when she sneaks in late dressed like a hooker he confronts her with what he knows. Sister Mallory denies it but when brother makes her hand over her purse, he finds lots of hundred dollar bills in there. She finally confesses. Brother says he won't tell their parents if Mallory gives him a demonstration of what she does with her clients. She reluctantly agrees to a blowjob.She seems to enjoy it a little though because she tells him she'll even give him a titjob. Then brother makes her strip. Let me see what you do for your clients, you naughty whore. When he makes her bend over & start fingering her, she begins to protest again. You just said to give you a blowjob. But brother Laz says it's not a big deal. He throws her down & starts to fuck her doggystyle. Hey! What are you doing? she whines, but brother says he's going to do whatever he wants to her, or he's going to tell on her. He takes photos of everything as evidence... or maybe for later jerk of material.Sister must be getting into it because she starts moaning & rides brother's cock. So this is like just another day at work for you, isn't it? brother accuses, You should be ashamed of yourself. But sister disagrees. I love what I do. Brother thinks he can embarrass her, and he steps on her head, but sister's grin grows even larger. Laz makes Mallory kneel on the ground & suck his cock. She licks his balls with enthusiasm, then he cums all over his sister's face. Laz picks up all of Mallory's money & sticks it to the cum on your face. Here's your money back, he says. She smiles at him, You're a dick.

Real name: Baby Kitty
Age: 22
Birth Date: March 4, 1995
From: Female
Gender: girl

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