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Sherryshen when is she going to be back? Well it's ok we can chat a bit. Look at this outfit, a little short but I can get away with it because I'm so hot! Go ahead you can look, you like my outfit don't you. Look at you, getting hard for me. Lets just face the truth, you want to fuck me. You would love to just bend me over right now and fuck me hard even though your wife, MY sister is in the other room. You know I was thinking what if I showed her that video of you sucking those cocks. What do you think she would say? She would probably leave you honestly. So here is what is going to happen. You are going to pay me whatever I want and be my bitch boy otherwise my sister is going to find out what a gross bitch you are! I know you dont want to lose everything you have so you better do EVERY single thing I tell you. Now fuck off! - Becky

Real name:
Age: 19
Birth Date: Jan. 15, 1998
From: Female
Gender: couple

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