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Spunkylegs39 video: over worked Cupcake loves her roommates, Lauren Kiley and Dixie Comet, but when they're too loud for Cupcake to even rest she feels she must ask them to quiet down. Lauren and Dixie mock Cupcake for being a stick in the mud, while Cupcake insists that she needs to get up early for work. Sick of Cupcake's overly responsible attitude, the girls pull Cupcake on the bed and strip her of her clothes to bombard her with tickles! Dixie straddles Cupcake and tickles her sensitive stomach, while Lauren tickles Cupcake's feet with a hairbrush. Cupcake writhes in her lingerie, giggling and gasping beneath their merciless tickles. At first Cupcake is annoyed...but soon she can't help but give in, laughing and shrieking with helplessness and promising to spend more girl time

Real name:
Age: 39
Birth Date: Sept. 5, 1977
From: Couple
Gender: girl

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