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Sweet_hannah_love record in this part 1 update body builder Brandie Mae has invited her ripped friend Rapture over for a girls night of wine. She tells Rapture how disappointing her last date was. He was nice and all, but his dick was so tiny! It was the size of her pinky! Now she has a big old booty, what is she going to do with something that small?! Rapture laughs and relates to Brandies woes. Rapture, herself being amazon sized with her huge fake tits and muscular ass, she can never find a guy who has a nice big dick! Where have all those guys gone? Brandie tells Rapture that her son Shawn's girlfriend was over the other day cooking, and Brandie had told her the same story about her horrible luck trying to find decently hung men. She confessed to Brandie that Shawn has a big cock! It does make sense, Brandie says, his dad had a huge cock. They ladies laugh and sigh, its been so long they almost forgot what a nice dick looked like. They take a long sip of their wine and Brandie whispers to Rapture that maybe she can call Shawn in here, and have him show them his dick! Rapture asks if he will mind, but Brandie just takes another sip of wine and tells her don't worry about it, they are just going to look at it. Its not like they could fuck him! Horny to see cock, Rapture then agrees and Brandie calls Shawn in. When he enters, the moms make their demands for him to drop his shorts. Looking extremely uncomfortable, he refuses saying she has company over. The ladies clearly loving their wine, paw and him and again demand for him to just show them his dick! He asks if he will be able to leave after, he's super nervous. His mom gets kinda crazy when she has had 1 to many glasses, and she is so strong! Plus Raptue' is almost 6'0 ft tall! He grudgingly pulls his shorts off. Rapture and Brandie are awed. Its not even hard yet and its already bigger then what they have been used to! Rapture is in a trance, she can't help but touch him and fondle his big balls. Shawn calls them weird and tries to leave the room, but the women have other plans. Seeing his dick has aroused a deep desire in them. They thirst for cock and the sight of his perfect young cock has made them unable to control themselves. Even though they know what they are about to do is so wrong

Real name: Hannah
Age: 19
Birth Date: June 1, 1998
From: Female
Gender: male

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