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Woodye_1 video: this is just 5 minutes of a super hot 40 minute custom thats too filthy to post on the inter webs for the masses, available only direct. This clip starts with my lover filling a shot glass with cum for me, because we are depraved nymphomaniacs who like to get weird. I show it off in the glass and make sure to get every drop directly from his cock before spitting the rest into the shot glass. Shawn tells me its time to sip, and I slurp it up with my straw in one strong suck. He instructs me to spit it back out, which I do, before slurping it back up to blow bubbles and slurp again. The process repeats over and over as my mouth fills with a thick sticky syrup, eager to fill the glass with his cum and my spit. I show off the foam, blowing bubbles happily and swishing it around my mouth like mouth wash. If you've seen my cum play clips before you know how much I love my mouth being filled, and try to talk with my mouth full like a rude little slut. Lots of spitting and straw slurping in this clip. Shawn decides he needs to throw a little of his spit in there, and spits directly into my cum and spit filled mouth. I show it off and try to talk some more, but its so full that hardly any words are recognizable. Luckily Shawn can understand me when my mouth is full, and tells me it's time to swallow! Two big gulps and it's down, and I show off my clean pierced tongue, getting every drop off my lips to swallow down. We kiss and giggle, smiling big with a belly full of cum, ready to start my day:) This is one of our very few clips in 720 opposed to HD because our camera and/or editor was being stupid, but is still ridiculously filthy and fulfilling

Real name: WOODYE
Age: 22
Birth Date: March 12, 1995
From: Male
Gender: couple

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