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Yasmin_hot this clip includes: super bowl bet, humiliating and embarrassing tasks for loser of bet, shaking tits, topless jumping jacks, shaking ass, wedgie, 30 pies, girl pies girl, girl pies self, silly, funny, humor**Fifi is gloating about a big Super Bowl bet she won. It's time to pay up, she says to her friend Terra. I wanted a nice and simple bet, but you started taunting me, trying to raise and raise the stakes. Do you even remember what you have to do anymore?Trying to get out of the situation, Terra lies and says she doesn't remember, and then begins to leave. Well aware that Terra may react that way, Fifi grabs her arm and tells her that she has a paper with all of the wonderfully humiliating tasks that she must do. And just remember, they're all YOUR idea, Fifi reminds her.She introduces Terra to the audience (the camera, POV) and tells her to show them her butt. After hiking Terra's pants and panties higher, giving her a wedgie, having her do topless jumping jacks, and making her shake her butt and big boobs at the camera, Terra asks if she is finished.Did you forget about the BIIIIG finish? Fifi asks. Why do you think I have all of these pies here? Having forgot that part of the bet, Terra is reluctant, You mean I have to get pied 30 times in the face? Fifi explains that she will only be pieing her 15 times, which makes Terra happy, but then tells her that she has to pie herself 15 times as well.Fifi smashes the first pie into her face, and Terra stands there in complete shock. She continues to hand a pie to Terra so that she can smash one into her own face, and then continues the pattern until they've gone through 22 pies.Alright, well, you're all done, Fifi says. Confused, Terra mentions that there are 8 pies left. Well, unlike you, I can actually see the fun and humor in things, so I figured you could pie me, Fifi responds.She gets completely naked, and Terra proceeds to pie her in the face 6 times. With 2 pies left, Fifi says she still hasn't pied herself, and then does so. With the final pie remaining, Fifi says, I mean, it's the last pie, come on. Terra, now enjoying herself, tells her to go ahead and pie her. They agree to do the same bet next year

Real name: � Yas �
Age: 99
Birth Date: Feb. 12, 1901
From: Female
Gender: girl

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